WELCOME to the BIJA Children's Choir, dedicated to enriching the Sonoma County community through quality choral classes and vibrant multicultural performances. 

 The BIJA Children's Choir exists to inspire the lives of West Sonoma County youth through a vibrant education in the choral performing arts, offering more than just an afterschool program that teaches kids to sing.   At the heart of the BIJA Children's Choir program is a core belief:  that young people who learn to share their creative gifts, thrive.  And when young people thrive, so does their community and the world beyond.

BIJA Choir singers come from different schools and backgrounds as they celebrate a shared humanity through song. Through engaging musical training and dynamic cultural performances, Bija Choir students develop the capability and confidence to proudly serve the West Sonoma County community and the greater world as young ambassadors of harmony.

*BIJA is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning 'creative seed.'

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Tuesdays       3:30-4:30pm  Treble Choir  (multi-generational female vocal ensemble by audition or invitation) 

Thursdays     3:30-4:15pm  Preparatory Choir  (7-12 yrs, no audition;  6 yr olds by director's discretion)

                         4:30-5:30pm  Concert Choir   (8-14 yrs by audition or invitation)

Thursday classes are held at the Sebastopol Community Cultural Center, Youth Annex Hall, Morris Street, and Tuesday Treble Choir rehearses at a private studio in central Sebastopol.  Students may join at the start of the season in September (and space permitting in January for Preparatory Choir only).  Auditioned-level choirs are a full-season commitment.



Classes meet weekly, leveled by age and ability:

The Bija Preparatory Choir  is open to ages 7-12 without an audition (and to mature 6yr olds as permitted by director), and introduces children to basic choral concepts of solfege singing, music theory through movement,  multicultural repertoire, simple rhythmic dances, and developing a beautiful unison sound.   Preparatory Choir students perform at choir-wide events for the community. 

The Bija Concert Choir is open to ages 8-12 by audition or invitation, and works with multicultural repertoire in two and three part harmonies, as well as movement choreographies and rhythmic percussion accompaniment.  Music theory principles such as meter, phrase, notation, and form are taught through the  movement principles of Dalcroze Eurhythmics.  Concert Choir students perform at local venues throughout the season and are featured in the Annual Bija Story Concert that collaborates with guest artists from Sonoma County and the Bay Area.  

The Bija Select Choir is a group of seasoned Concert Choir students selected for their musical ability, excellent attitude and composure, and strong attendance record.  This group rehearses with the Concert Choir and participates in additional special community performance projects. 

The Bija Treble Choir is a multi-generational female vocal ensemble run privately by Maria Bija open to teen girls and women by audition or invitation, performing advanced-intermediate classic choral and world music arrangements for community benefit events and special projects, particularly promoting adolescent girls' education worldwide.

 Please email for questions about choir placement.






Maria Bija is a classically-trained musician with a passion for world music and dance.  Born in Boston, MA to an Italian mother and English American father-- both very naturally- musical parents with great rhythm and perfect sense of pitch and harmony, Maria began singing at her earliest age and showed early abilities at the piano.  For eight formative years she studied with Polish concert pianist, Ronald Kmiec of Carlisle, Massachusetts.  

By her teenage years, Maria began her professional vocal career, recording corporate commercial jingles and singing jazz, r&b, country, and folk styles, with her major influences at the time including Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald, and Bonnie Raitt.  Later in her college years, Maria studied abroad in Italy, India, Ghana, and Brazil, and sang with samba bands in Boston, paving the way to her lifelong love of Brazilian music.

Maria earned her Master's of Music degree in Dalcroze Eurhythmics in 1997 under the tutelage of Lisa Parker, and has since incorporated Dalcroze movement-based teaching principles in her music classes for all ages and levels of ability.  Understanding the crucial role of movement in teaching/learning music, she honors the belief that the first instrument is the body.

Over the past decades, Maria has recorded numerous albums, one of which won a Parents Choice Award ("World Family Folk Celebration", available on CDBaby) and another spent 3yrs under contract with Challenge Records of the Netherlands (Blue Brazil: Gema).  To visit Maria's vocal performance website, click HERE.  As a mother of two, she created the Musical Mothering program for young families in Napa Valley, and world music ensembles such as Twin Souls, Blue Brazil,  Abrazu and Kindred Voices.  She is the founder and Creative Director of the Bija Children's Choir in Sonoma County.  Maria plans to travel abroad once again in the coming years and collaborate with musicians internationally, while at the same time continues to nurture her home community in Sonoma County, promoting local sustainability and gender equality in the way she creatively and thoughtfully leads her life in the performing arts.

 Annemarie Goslow-Zwicker

Annemarie Goslow-Zwicker

 The Bija Children's Choir is a proud member of GO LOCAL since 2014. 

The Bija Children's Choir is a proud member of GO LOCAL since 2014. 


Annemarie Goslow-Zwicker & Colleen Toner-Rogers

 Maria Bija & Colleen Toner Rogers

Maria Bija & Colleen Toner Rogers

Outside of Bija Choir rehearsals, Annemarie Goslow-Zwicker is an elementary classroom teacher & Colleen Toner-Rogers runs West County Music Together.  Both have many years of experience with children and singing in addition to performing with the women's vocal ensemble, Kindred Voices.  

While Colleen is gone to France on Sabbatical this year, Annemarie assists in handling registration, costume orders and concert-time matters. and continues to work with  Bija Concert & Treble Choir sections in the development of harmony skills.