Time for a Rain Dance

Our Sebastopol winter may be a dry one so far, but fortunately the climate in Bija Music classes is lush and thriving!  The Bija Children's Choir has transitioned well into three groups of wonderful young musicians, Voices of the SoL teenagers are working towards a music video project, Musical Mothering classes are bustling with eager little people, and the SunRidge middle school choir students are gearing up for a special performance at the prestigious Green Music Center on Feb 5th.  Whew, busy times!  But all good, community-oriented, creative busy-ness.  It's awesome to work with young people who are so full of life and energy, and potential for doing good things.  To tap into this wellspring, I'm going to lead some rain dances in my classes to quench our North Bay Nature's thirst-- be sure to join us in spirit!