Choosing Beauty

It struck me the other day how many choices our kids need to make in today's world, especially as they enter teen years and make those choices on their own.  What activities to join, what type of foods to eat, what to wear, which school electives, which friends, what music to listen to...  and with so much sophisticated advertising out there that even families that don't watch TV can't avoid.   I keep reminding my kids and students that they can choose beauty.

It's easy to get discouraged by all of the undesirable choices that exist out there-- artificial food, offensive images & lyrics, disrespectful behavior as comedy-- I'm appalled at some of the music and videos out there, even the ones considered to be "recommended" for young people. But I keep reminding my kids and students that they can choose beauty...  

To surround ourselves with positive thoughts, images and words, quality creative arts, real food, connecting with nature, and making good relationships with people.  This is choosing beauty. This is a more fulfilling life than what the mainstream wants us to buy into.  Let's continue to remind our growing kids that even today in the modern age of technology, consumerism and convenience, beauty is a choice that they-- and we all-- can make.