New Year's Resolutions for Bija Choir

I love making resolutions.  Partly because it forces me to look back and reflect in order to plan ahead and set goals, and having had a break from classes over the holiday has given me time for that.  So-- this is what I'm resolving to do as Artistic Director for the Bija Children's Choir this year:

1.  BECOME POLISHED.  As I looked back at pictures and videos from previous Bija Choir seasons, I noticed that certain things looked a little sloppy, such as attire, straggly hair (including my own!), some students had inappropriate footwear, or other colored clothing protruding.  My friend thought these things were adorable, but I'm striving higher.  Also, more of my effort is needed on choral blend, and amplifying that effectively.   This year, I resolve to make sure that all elements of our performances look and sound more polished than before.        

2.  NURTURE HARD WORK & DEDICATION.    In order to achieve excellence, hard work and dedication is required of both students and parents.  Many students and parents showed me a strong level of dedication last session in preparing songs for the Harvest Concert, and this year I resolve to nurture this commitment level even more.  Hard work pays off!

3.  MAINTAIN THE JOY.   While we will work hard, it MUST continue to be enjoyable.  I resolve to keep the playful and joyful elements alive in choir classes and performances this year, and utilize our mistakes as opportunities to learn and improve.  It helps that I really love working with the Bija Choir children and their families, and that will always be the case.