The Most Successful People

Not long ago I read a couple of really influential facts.   Every so often I come across kernels of truth or inspiration, sometimes from NPR, a friend's Facebook stream, or from a video or a book, or SUN Magazine.  

Here were the kernels-- (this first one came from a book called "Staying Connected to Your Teenager" by Michael Riera, which has a great amount of wise advice for parenting teens) :

 1.  The most successful people are those who have the highest tolerance for being confused or frustrated, which gives them the endurance to resolve an issue, and in doing so, learn and grow. Such  people continue to push themselves often into unknown areas and are lifelong learners.  I consider this statistic to be a great model for both kids and adults.  I know I've had my share of confusions and frustrations, dealing with learning new technology, business practices, or with parenting issues, and having tolerance for that confusion/frustration always pays off in the end when I overcome the challenge.  

2. The second inspiring fact speaks to how to actually work towards overcoming challenges by focusing for just three minutes a day.   Just three minutes a day of super-focused practice on any new skill or concept will guarantee noticeable improvements in a matter of a week.  Doesn't seem much in the course of a day, and totally worth the effort to gain a new skill.  This can be applied to music study, or academics, or cooking, or exercising, or anything, actually.  Encourage your young people to try this.  Encourage yourself to try this... the only outcome can be a good one.