The Will To Prepare

As I went to pick up my 9th grade daughter from basketball practice the other day, I stood outside the doorway and overheard Coach Miller reminding the team of a quote that he read at the start of practice, and that he felt that they lived up to that day.  The quote went something like: It is not the will to win that matters-- everyone has that-- but it is the will to prepare.

I happen to be a quote person, and found this passage very meaningful towards many endeavors, including music performance.  Multitudes of students want to be able to make great music, yet not many wish to practice for years and years in order to do so.   Indeed being an accomplished musician is fun.  The word "play" in music lives up to its fullest sense!  But the road is long and hard to get there, just as it is with becoming a top athlete.  Unfortunately with apps like Garage Band and other music-making games give young people the wrong impression of how long it takes to become a solid musician.  More on what a solid musician is about in another blog...

But for the meantime, I wish to instill in my music students the will to prepare, to practice at home throughout the week, challenge themselves for "3 minutes a day", and expect guaranteed winning results.

Thank you Coach Miller! 

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