Breathtaking Moments

I love great quotes.  Powerful words that are simply put-- I believe-- inspire and remind us to keep on track with our highest selves in these fleeting moments called Time.

One my favorite quotes is found on the wall of Mekhong Thai Restaurant in Kennebunk, Maine:

"Life is measured not by the number of breaths you take, but by the number of times your breath is taken away..."

Yes, this is the reason why most of us who work in the Nonprofit Arts feel called to it; we live for those moments that make us-- and our audiences-- feel alive.  And there are many. 

As director for the Bija Choirs, moments such as the audience spontaneously singing along to a song as though they were family in the living room, or the multi-thousand person roar of applause at the climax of the Star Spangled Banner, or the command of sudden quiet in a previously crazy chaotic performance hall when our choirs took the stage-- are all breathtaking moments.  Audience members smile and shed tears while listening to our children sing-- their lives are touched.   Feeling 'moved' by a shared human-ness through music is a breathtaking thing.  

As another springtime is upon us, may the Bija Choir continue to produce life-affirming, breathtaking moments through song.