What makes your heart sing?

For high school graduates like my daughter who are entering the Santa Rosa Junior College this fall, not knowing what major to declare, which University of California to transfer to, or what to possibly do with their lives... and for those middle-aged adults on the other end of the spectrum who have chosen a path but who may now feel drawn to a shift towards other work, for more money, more flexibility, or a change of pace... for anyone wanting to know what is the right job/work for them to pursue, this is the question that in Carmine Gallo's book The Storyteller's Secret, Steve Jobs encourages us to ask ourselves... not-- what am I good at, or what do I love to do? but-- what makes my heart sing?  Therein lies our passions that can drive each of us to fulfill our highest potential-- the 'highest octave' of ourselves, to put it musically.