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(all WORKSHOPS are on a drop-in, FREEWILL donation basis)

FAMILY YOGA  All Ages, Swami Kriyananda Kanda  (aka Dr. Calen Daniel), Yoga & Ayurveda Teacher    
When yoga is offered to young people, not as a task, but within a context of love and playfulness, both adults and children benefit.  As an enriching avenue towards developing self-discipline, adults can guide children in manifesting as natural yogis and adults can benefit from the example of natural, unforced engagement that children can have with their own bodies.  Yoga will be presented in this spirit to all members of the family.  


CREATIVE CO-PARENTING on Transforming Conflict and Repairing Harm: Restorative Justice practices for Families   Adults,  Maria Freebairn-Smith   Conflict is part of life, especially family life. We, as parents, are constantly juggling many needs and resolving conflict each and every day. And yet, how many of us feel ill-prepared? Finding our responses falling short and leaving a sense of frustration or hopelessness?  This workshop will offer simple and effective tools for transforming conflict in your family from pain to healing from discord to connection. Using restorative justice practices that have been a part of our human community over vastly diverse cultures and throughout time, we will draw on these wisdom traditions for bringing peace and kindness into our families.  Rediscover your own power to authentically and whole-heartedly transform the challenges of conflict and repair harm in your family.


WISE ANIMAL TALES Ages 7 & up   Virginia Matthews, Dancer, Choreographer, and Rinzai Zen practitioner    
In this “playshop” children are introduced to animal stories from different spiritual traditions that hold timeless wisdom and teachings for everyone.  Drawing on the innate creativity of children’s play, stories are enacted through expressive movement and playful, meaningful dialogue.  


AWAKE, ALIVE & ENGAGED!  All Ages   Michael Changaris, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist & Zen Practitioner
Life is a powerful and wild adventure. The family can be a base of strength for exploration, engagement and vitality. We discover who we are in connection with our family. In a family parents explore the uncharted landscape of their own heart and the life through their relationships with children. Children discover themselves through the interactions with their parents. Each moment in our life is fresh, new and alive. Nothing happens twice. This workshop explores through creative play the ways to learn through challenges, heal wounds, discover life through the joys of others and lead an engaged awake life together. 


FLOW YOGA  Teens  Maggie Rose Self  An invitation to all teens!  Come practice yoga to: strengthen and stretch your body, learn skills to reduce stress, connect with your inner self, and relax and have fun with other teens.  No experience necessary.  Come as you are! 


SISTERS SACRED CIRCLE: Self-Nurturing Skills for Adolescent & Teen Girls  Maggie Rose Self   Sisters Sacred is a circle for pre-teen and teen girls to support them in experiencing authentic and healthy relationships with themselves, other girls, their loved ones and the beauty of life!  Through sharing and witnessing in a group, journal writing, nurturing arts projects, and body-centered practices such as yoga or movement we will explore themes of safety, body care, boundaries, healthy self-expression, and self-love.  Today’s session will be a taste of the Sacred Sisters’ circles.  Come as you are!  Parents are invited at the end to come ask questions and learn more about the circles.  


JOYFUL MIND  All ages,  Chelsea True  Through gratitude and mindfulness activities we bring forward the light of our awareness for the season, and throughout this restorative time in our community.  


ENGAGED GRANDPARENTING   Adults,  Virginia Matthews & Mike Changaris   How has the role of the grandparent changed in the 21st century?  Are there timeless aspects that we can connect to in the present day?  This workshop will guide us through remembrance of how we were “grandparented” and open the circle to sharing of that wisdom and bring forth questions/challenges that we face today.


PRESENTER BIOS (Brief versions)

Swami Kriyananda Kanda (Dr. Calen Daniel) was born in Puerto Rico, and initiated into the path of Kriya Yoga during his youth. He has a deep background in Ayurveda and Western science; he carries a Bachelor's degree in Humanities and a Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine. Kriyananda has more than 20 years of experience in the healing arts, and brings a down-to-earth approach to the ethereal sciences.

Virginia Matthews is a mother, grandmother, professional dancer, choreographer and teacher, and 40+ year Rinzai Zen practitioner.  She co-conducted a “Family Zen” program in her spiritual community, and serves as Co-Chair of the Conscious Family Festival.  Dr. Mike Changaris is a clinical psychologist and the training coordinator for an integrated health psychology program, training and supervising post-doctoral, pre-doctoral, and practicum level students on a biopsychosocial approach to team-based care. He has practiced Zen for many years.

Dr. Mike Changaris is a clinical psychologist with a specialty in the biological bases of behavior, stress physiology, and the neuroanatomy of PTSD. He is the training coordinator for an integrated health psychology program, training and supervising post-doctoral, pre-doctoral, and practicum level students on a biopsychosocial approach to team-based care. Mike obtained a doctorate in psychology from John F. Kennedy University and completed his post-doctoral fellowship at an intensive outpatient program with Kaiser Permanente in Antioch. He has practiced Zen for many years.

Maria Freebairn-Smith  is a professionally trained mediator, parenting coach and educator with twenty years of experience working with families. She  brings Restorative Justice practices to elementary schools through Restorative Resources and  has founded the Creative Parenting Center  in downtown Sebastopol, CA and has a private practice specializing in co-parenting through separation and divorce.

Chelsea True is the founder of Joyful Mind Project, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit bringing mindfulness education to schools and families in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She brings more than twenty years of mindfulness practice to her work.  Chelsea believes that mindfulness can transform not only individual stress and suffering, but also entire communities.  She began her study of mindfulness in the late 1980’s with a Bachelor of Arts investigating contemplative traditions.  In addition to being a Mindful Schools Certified Instructor, she has studied mindfulness with Plum Village Mindfulness Practice Center in Southern France and with San Francisco Zen Center, where she is the Youth & Family Programs Coordinator.  Her commitment to the theory and practice of mindfulness in education continues today; she is currently studying to become a certified MBSR-T instructor with Gina Biegel’s organization, Stressed Teens.

Maggie Rose Self (formerly Minervini-Zick), LMFT, is a Sebastopol native and, from a young age, has been passionate about supporting women and girls to embody an authentic connection to themselves and others.  She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has provided services to diverse communities in English and Spanish for over 14 years.  Additionally, she has trained in a somatic and movement-based healing modalities while living and teaching dance in the bay area and at Esalen Institute, including TransDance® and Somatic Experiencing™.  Maggie has been practicing yoga for almost 20 years and earned her 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training certification with Iris Lambert of Irie Yoga in Sebastopol.