I have carefully read and understand the parent expectations as presented in the Bija Choir Parent Handbook.  I fully consent to the following statements: (please initial)

______   I agree to bring my child regularly and on time to weekly choir classes.  I will notify the teacher in case of any absence, and understand that, unless arranged for in advance, students should not have more than 3 absences preceding a concert in order to perform.

______   I agree to play the emailed song references at home when they become available for my child to sing along to/ study.

______  I agree to participate in concert productions and fundraisers to the best of my family's ability and circumstances.

______  I understand that advancement into higher choir levels is at the discretion of the Director, and that invitations into auditioned levels are not guaranteed.


Photo/Video Release:   I do ________ /do not _______ give my permission for group photos/videos that include my child to be used on the Bija Choir website &/or promotional materials.  I will receive a personal request for any special features of my child that may be used, and I retain the right to refuse or request otherwise at any time.


My preference for Concert Help Tasks is: (please rate each task with a 1, 2, or 3.   1= yes! assign me this one,  or 2= okay, or 3= this one's not for me)

_______ Setup OR Cleanup of chairs, tables, decor (please circle setup or cleanup of you have a strong preference)

_______ Working the Bake Sale or Entrance Tables before / after a concert

_______ Baking or providing items for Concert Refreshments/ Bake Sale

_______ Backstage Parent Helper before/after a concert (costume adjustments, bathroom trips, choir lineups, refreshments, etc)


For parents who own a local business:

I have a business and would be willing to donate the following item/service towards the Harvest Concert Silent Auction or Summerfest Raffle:

_______________________________________________________________________________________   (Heartfelt thanks from the organizers!)


Name of student: ___________________________________________________________

Name of parent/guardian: ____________________________________________________ 

Signature of parent/guardian: __________________________________________________  date: _____________


BIJA CHOIR COSTUME ORDER FORM:    (Please circle your child's choir class, size & style.  Sample sizes are available on choir class days)

Which choir class is your child in?               Junior Choir          Prep Choir          Concert Choir

White Tee                      S        M        L                                               @ $5 ea      =   _______                 Style:     Girls (scoop neck)      Boys (crew neck) 

Vest                                S        M        L  (vests run large)                @ $20 ea    =   _______     

Smock (girls)                6        8        10       12                                     @ $10 ea   =   _______

TOTAL PAYMENT       cash         check       credit card                                     ________